SPOON FROG graphics has years of experience in a multitude of areas. We will work with you to determine what it will take to reach your desired online results, and will comprise a custom package of services to best suit your business needs. Below are some of our online solution services.


SPOON FROG graphics pushes the standards of exceptional web design to make your business stand out. We like to think of the projects we take on for our clients as web solutions, not just web sites. These web solutions take our client's messages beyond just a simple expression, and transform them into a unique presentation of the subject matter. We do this because your web site's design is considered a big reflection of your company, whether it is intended to be or not.

SPOON FROG graphics understands that Internet technology can be overwhelming to our clients. We will walk you through the entire web site development process, as it goes along. Communication is an important element of all phases of the process. We work very closely with you to ensure that you are pleased with our work; and, never quit until you are satisfied.


Creating innovative, eye catching website designs that presents your business information in a way that pushes the standards of exceptional web design, making your business stand out.


SPOON FROG graphics is a small business that I created in 1998. It is growing rapidly. My customers really enjoy the one on one communication they get with me. I believe that is very important when it comes to developing a business's "identity".

I have always been interested in art. I attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage for a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) in Graphic Design. I have worked commercially in advertising for a total of 7 years. I love the challenge of doing a project they say "can't be done". I take pride in my work, so you can be sure that I will put in 100% on any project that I do for you.

I will do my best to work with any budget. Remember, you don't have to have everything done all at once. Once we get you started, the rest will fall into place!

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