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Reasons For a Website

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Why Should You Have a Site?

To some of us this question seems obvious. To others, the World Wide Web seems like an unnecessary distraction in the work place. The web has changed the way the entire world exchanges information. What used to take days to research now takes a matter of hours.

A web presence is becoming essential to businesses. Whether you use it for information retrieval, communication, shopping on-line, or publicity, it can provide a cost-effective way to reach thousands of people instantly.

Promote Your Business

A web site is used to publicize and/or promote your business by putting everything from contact information to a complete description of your services on the web, you allow people all over the world to discover you, understand you, and contact you if they need your services.

Two of the most common types of web sites are information and personal. If you wish to share photos and stories from your family with relatives and friends, then your pages can be much more informal than if you are building a site to sell your services. If you are looking to build your business using the Internet, then your site should look professional since it will be representing your business.

In many ways, your site will become the first impression that a customer will have of your business, so it should look polished and as professional as possible.

Where to Start

The Internet is a HUGE collection of both personal and professional web sites. Take some time to surf the net and take notes about the sites you really like (or those, for that matter, that you don't). Figure out what about the sites are interesting. Is the site all bells and whistles or does the site offer great content? After you have done all that, this is where we come in!

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